close up shot of a statue of apollo Photo by Anca on

I tried not to remember. It hurt that much to.

But his oeuvre… his offering to us all is a borderline psychotic, technicolor loveletter to the vengeance of an Anima running Apollo roughshod through a feverdream of hell, making him do that Anima’s bidding after the felling of a baby hunting dog in the aftermath of watching as grief devoured the mind of his divine beloved.

…Seeing it as such made it safe to all the way remember, in the wake of it.

If you aren’t shook by the Mythic in a man erecting four juggernaut war campaigns, raising armies to…tell the tale of the husband Apollo’s jealous betrayal never allowed him to be on earth… that centers beating an expression of Apollo’s ass to the brink literally, ritualistically and episodically until he begged to die…

… then you shouldn’t be here basking in my global mythology kink lol.