Beau of the fifth column on the Montgomery docks brawl.

Beau of the fifth column always keeps it real clear in his breakdowns.

For context closer to “home”:

… My grandfather had to flee Montgomery when my dad was a baby because a violent white woman who felt insulted he wouldn’t cheat on his black wife with her like a Mandingo slapped him in public … and he slapped her right back.

Half the family had to relocate north because even though her philandering ass was in the wrong, my father’s dad defending himself could’ve gotten him lynched. I’m from Cleveland because my grand-daddy moved there in a hot furor and brought my dad as a baby and his two elder sisters with him.

That was like 1952.

He wasn’t alone. The way I’ve always heard it told, a good third of Montgomery, Alabama emptied out during the great migration. Avoiding the noxious fumes from what is memorialized all around that riverboat dock still circulating in the poisoned blood of some of the people.

I haven’t been back To Montgomery since 1988, when I stopped being forced to go for family reunions… Because even as a teenager the vibration of what Black folks tend to have to put up with there is positively obscene.

My take?

That chair walloping was a long time coming in those bloodied, hallowed waters. That vitriol of Enough Already is deep seated.. Montgomery been the battleground in all this race war insanity.

& no, you shouldn’t be surprised Trump gassing folks up the day before factors into why those jerks were emboldened there, of all places. That’s why he’s quiet. Check their poon boat for t-dawg bumper stickers and their pockets for rally receipts.