GB meanwhile in America: Healing or Hurt huddling?

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@dannymorel has been posting about walking out what you truly deserve lately.

It’s gotten me to think about the things traipsed through on that often seemingly never ending trek to wellness, things that no one warned me about having to run into or through on my way home.

The most surreal thing for me when I started walking this out – knowing I deserved to be tender & at peace- was seeing the strange reactions of others who were “around” that I’d drawn when I didn’t realize i did not have to “live” like that.

The pushback was preeeeeetty instant.

But I learned that they were kinda keyed to residuals I was still carrying… that I had to work out in myself.
The more of it I handled in me, the less they could handle my vibratory frequency.

The hostility to your healing shifts.

Those vibes once thought they had a home alongside me because I had been so used to them that I’d allowed them to take up space with me, had allotted space for them in how I processed the world.

They thought they Had the right to that vibrational space…So they fought for the footholds I had given when I hadn’t known better…and my healing was dissonance to the chords they’d signed on to play, nooks they’d signed on to occupy. So they tried to thwart it on the worst days, & on their best days tried to passively poison any joy they saw me reveling in due to it.

But~They are doing what they’ve always done. They 1100% believe they’re in the right. You’re the one in’ere changing things, wanting different things, desiring better for you .

Understand…You’re the betrayer from their POV. When you’re healing. That’s really where that weird tinge of hurt comes from (from them) when you say stop.

Say stop anyway.
You can not let them be shitty to you and claim your healing at the same time.

If they’re gadflies now… it’s because You’ve grown considerably to the point of not needing anyone to be the “face” of your inner arsehole outside of you.

Is their friendship more Important to you than your healing? Can you explain you know that was y’all’s thing but you went off & healed that…so how do you relate now?

can y’all connect Without that commonality once the pain at the root of it is healed? or do you respectfully part ways? because the thing was their only thing with you?

Everything changes when you lovingly realize you kinda hired the motherfuckers energetically.

Grace floods the entire thing.

It doesn’t mean you get soft on correcting the ones disrespectful to you now that it registers as such.

it’s that you see the little schoolyard kid IN that person, trying to nail his or her part in your movie.

… Without honoring the new dialogue.

You, as director of your movie… can give them all the chances you feel they need to sway like a palm to stay in the song. But if they can’t…or worse won’t…

you guys know what you have to do for your healing to continue.