GIOYT- Superbowl Sunday edition.

Look. I’m all for lesbians.

I may be of the cadre of Amazons who are the only reason we still have Amazon DNA in circulation (read:Scythian dyck rully is fantastic), but if you’re a lil person born with a vagine, who processed being a stubby lil chick by having to bulldagger up around weakwilled boys to make sense of making your way in the world via strange pantomime, I support you, I salute you in all the things…

… But you cannot break yer mannish visage down into whingeing entitled spoiled rotten white women nonsense at 6am in the morning when nobody has tiiiiime for your “I’m a bandaged tit boy” hemmy hawwy theatrics over yer fake fratboy coat of coats holding up the fn line lol!

…wanna be a fucking boy? Be a boy! Get the fuck outta the way with your whimmering and gasping at being bluntly asked and pushed past as you sifted the protocols.

There’s no crying in fn baseball!

A guy wouldn’t stand there pouting! They’d bin their shit & keep it moving, sheesh!

She rammed her bin in behind 1 of mine, splitting the whathaveyous…& then got tagged for the reveal. I wasnt even mad about the splita – I just grabbed my 2nd bin, gruffly went “can i put this here with this(in the gap made because her shit got stopped), thx” & walked away with her midget ass whingeing about being steamrolled with tears in her eyes, boobs heaving-

You weren’t Betrayed~! You were acting like you were picking out fn lip gloss at fucking Sephora at 6 iin the fucking morning dressed like a fn vahto, after splitting my 2 bins then stood there like a simpering mess because people could see yer sportsbra when ya had to disrobe!

Ya knew you were coming to tha airport! If you didn’t want to be outted as a girl why’d you wear that?!

Love is love but nooo!

I don’t care about yer -I thought it Was a guy! When i POLITELY fuck outta the way’d liiiiike i would any slow dude! It’s not my fault you were…Slowing down things over sexo-psychological sartorial fumbles?

fucking san Franciscans!

Dressed like a fucking Chulo! If you’re gonna Vahto homes, fucking vahto, dang!

…wanna be a dyke? Be a dyke! But fuck compounding that nonsense with napoleonic BS & whiny white privilege before I’ve had my coffee.

I remember when bulldaggers would’ve herded Everybody through tha…

remember genX gay chicks in the 90s? Remember when you could…depend on them to gruffly bring true hustle to-

she was acting! & she was good enough that in my not giving a fuck I thought I was behind some slow walking because his pants were too low son of a-

You’re a girl?! Gurl, move!

sigh* Are you fn crying? Omfng-

Yer taco countrymyn would be disgusted by yer but imma entitled boy ugly cry faces!