Guanyin and the call to the CM

The story of Guanyin perfectly encapsulates the spectral extremes of having to deal with the Compromised Male. Perhaps it is why she has take such an interest in the arc angrily attempting to amble beside the Clear Bhakti the previous post was inspired by.

A mother wound in men is, in effect a compromised compassion aspect or sector.

And Compromised Males, when triggered by the affect of Fully Formed Balanced Men on Clear Bhaktis, often try to also ally with the mother figures of the Clear Bhakti, blindly attempting to bring harm to the CB that the clarification process from their often ‘as screwed in the head from a different direction’ mothers makes the CB impervious to.

Usually, the mothers of Clear Bhaktis exhibited such jealousy of the neophyte CBs as babies that the entirety of Mother Nature herself rises up to educate the CB into herself sans any parental affectation.

In her consciously narcissistic choices, the mothers who birthed those who become CBs usually are relegated to the position of no more than a necessary “portal” into the realm that simply mirrors the grave we all exit this realm via, due to treating the carriage of the CB as though she were but an angry host.

The Compromised Male’s goading Anima and adjacent COCs rummaging around in that open grave in search of treasure have relegated themselves to being bywords to the Aghori sadhus who actually serve Shiva by living and breathing in death, with no understanding that the Bhakti they witness in the CB is due to being rescued from the equavalent of it by who the Aghori serve.

Compassion for Blindness abounds. But they are where they belong until insight shatters the scales on their compromised eyes and the return to the true portals that tattoed this arc upon their nascent male lives long ago.