Handling Hurricane vibrations, esoterically speaking.

eye of the storm image from outer space Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
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Me, personally?

I’m having a unique experience with this.

Both Bottom of the Ninth Ward bulletins and Black Water Rising are AOLAB globalboho travelogues that in some capacity chronicle experiences on the ground before, after or in actual hurricanes.

And I was scheduled to be heading home in the heart of this. 

Then things weirdly bloomed where a friend asked a pinchhit of me, then paid to change my flight back.

The next day the hurricane harbinger headlines and vibrations dropped.

I’ve been in full #physicaltherapy mode up here too. Lots of lymph work, lots of kinesthetic movement  work, trauma in body physical releases, the full monty.

Getting the gunk gently up, flowing and out, for freedom’s sake. From every mantle & yoke that should’ve not been taken on, you know? Consciously or not.

I’m talking… Things worked on for years-decades- shifted, released, corrected- lot of gait-changing stuff up.

The suffering & pain that we quiet and carry, the suffering we have been led to internalize & carry as a friend…is meant to be released from our ships.

Waters passed through.
Not soaked through.
When we’ve let it soak IN…

We hafta factor in time…and space  seasonally, systematically…to wring that rough water out of us.

Use it (as such).

Depression  is ” anger, turned inward.”

& if Gaia is a being in and of herself? That means tropical depressions are anger turned inward, too. Esoterically speaking.

& Take it from a wild kid once nicknamed

All the atmospheric shit popping off around you is reflective of  spiritual skirmishes afoot in you that you should  sit with & work on.

Finding your own eye of calm & meditating on it can key you into inner storms of your own that you’ve been ignoring, ones that you really need to address before they make landfall and irreparably fuck your cherished shit up.


These days there is always metaphysical warfare at play in these things, beyond the psychological warfare.

That’s what extended New Orleans, Bahamian & Miami sojourns showed me.  The naming OF the hurricanes are always a dog whistle/psy-op “tell” over whose fear-filled attention is trying to be grabbed  & whose energy they’re trying to whip up to pour negativity into said calamitously pending “atmospheric depression.”

The media doom spiraled about the first hurricane “EVER” hitting the west coast, casually leaving out they’ve only tracked them like 80 years, which is nowhere near “never.” 

Said media couldn’t factor in the readiness of the metaphysically & spiritually steeped communities out here to do the prayerful countering that the other communities I’ve bunkered down in had to  Remember to do in real time while I was among them as a witness.

NOW that That fear mongering didn’t work, they’ll start screaming the category 3 hurricane calmed down completely OUT of the hurricane range  is Threatening Catastrophic Flooding across airwaves.

But to anyone paying attention the rains of this year have already quietly confirmed the likelihood that coastal weather patterns have shifted towards the same “new monsoon season” whathaveyous of the past 15 years  in Vegas & Flagstaff that, once again they haven’t been officially tracking long enough nor respecting the far-reaching indigenous historical seasonal intel to have ANY clue regarding true norms.


There are 1400+ dams in California. 

The natural waterflow of California is literally blocked at over 1400 Pressure  points.

Imagine if you were dealing with blockages like that in your body. What that’d feel like, being about to burst.

Yet every year they’re screaming of  life-ending droughts sometimes not even days after wks of rainstorms & gargantuan snow melts.

Like the land is attacking Us humans.

Instead of us doing things out of greed to restrict the lifeforce inherent IN the land.

& it’s not done For us as the horn of plenty of western America.  Too many people are still starving & food compromised here. It’s done for commerce.

Heck.  Maybe California really was an island.

According to native Californians that death valley superbloom this year is a known 100 year cycle.

Maybe it’s time to find out what it’d usually be the precursor to and, instead of the freak out…we prepare.