Simply put/…A darkly sweet riff.

Blackstrap molasses never had to “grow” on me.

I came in swooning over it , happily drizzling it on oatmeal that was swimming in butter. I knew it was healthy before anyone told me simply because it felt like it was loving on me as I ate it.

& tho I’ve been #teamoatmealraisin & #teambuttercookies/ #shortbread for decades (Very sharing is caring with those, making them in bulk just to give away), I’d beat an entire childhood ass over a compromised box of sacred #gingersnaps. I don’t think I’ve mugged a mofo’s entire face for fN with any oatmeal cookies of mine. I cannot make the same claim of innocence regarding ginger snaps. But I came up in a tribe of kids that were all very irrationally territorial when it came to food. We all had our specifics.

Maybe it’s the oddly fiery bite alongside the sweet in blackstrap molasses that really is my ‘stique.’

#Darklysweet am I 😌(…made all the more funny due to specializing in Dark Fantasy/ Scifi as an adult)…yet it’s never been a need for a lot. It just had to be real.

~Oof! When I tasted #jaggery for the first time actual sockets within mah brain flipped off. It was A full reset. I even remember colors getting more vivid… but I think I was at a jagannath festival. I was exploring the actual Hare Krishna faith as grievechronic first started coming through me as a young designer so that could’ve explained how color got keyed to taste. Loved those guys.

I’ve never chewed #rawsugarcane but hopefully I’m going to before I die lol. And the wilder, darker and weirder the #rawhoney[#pinehoney #buckwheathoney 😝], the more I’m there with bells on due that whole #bear momma #bearclan #ursamajor aspect.

But I still say I’m not a sugary chick.

It’s even a hard pass on light & regular non- #localhoney(unless it’s one brand of raw honey[ Y.S. Eco Bee farms] or a wee bit of psychedelic #rhododendronhoney that iii know better than to fuck with but jeeezus it’s good, in that it’ll kill ya “lightly psychotropic like nutmeg” natural way). #Maplesyrup tastes like “liquid diabetus”& #agavesyrup reminds me of that ugh sweet #harveywallbanger jello shot/ grain alcohol punch hangovers taste from college frat row parties.

I’ve not ever dug #whitesugar.

It is Pure #samuelljackson ” #yestheydeservetodieandihopetheyburninhell” blasphemy to turn a butter cooky into a sugar one. Isle of Dr. Moreau madness.

Even baking as a teen I was always experimenting with shaving off the sugar demands in recipes, seeing how low I could go with the cookies still turning out okay.

These days I can taste the industrially-added sugar in almost everything, from milk to pasta sauce…so I DIY as much as possible, and do my best to stick to goat milk & raw milk when I can find it. I cook “clean” when it comes to sugar, even though there’s no medical impetus to.

& I’ve Never dug the pink , blue, yellow or mint green packets either. It’s been a lifelong heavenly hatred:#Xylitol sux, #aspartame is viper’s spit, #sucralose like totally gags me with a spoon.

#stevia I begrudgingly suffer through because it’s in the charcoal toothpastes I use when I run out of my own homemade paste.

BUT I’ve gotten into #monkfruit during these #keto adjacent #globalbohoexperiments for the cookbook.

Monkdrops were my first(a wee bit). They worked wonders as I macgyver’d my own weird keto bulletproof-esque adaptogenic lattes.

& now these guys: golden Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener.

It takes 4 cups of coffee minimum across a week to finish a packet (so sweet! ) but @lakanto is Great! & you can make mousse & souffles with it in a straightforward fashion.

Simply put: propsRgiven.