Mwah mwah mwah~

Let's get to the next debate, fuckers.

Yeeeee...haw!Merika , fuck yeah!

I called this shit in a special access MAG post last week. & an email to somebody cute.

& oy, does he HATE black women with power. FAnni down in GA has had him losing his shit.

So now it's on y'all. We can burn this shit down or build it up.

...Making cookys. I had dough left ova.

Even I didn't expect MAGA to go "no more PornStars!ESPECIALLY not Diverse ones!"

HAM that quickly... SHEesh.

If the only way you can even THINK to win as a human being in 2024 is by openly & flagrantly trying to re-RIG the "game" like it is 1960 so alll the colored folk and birthers who outclass and outperform you on a daily have to give you a head start [or sit out the match overall] the fuck are you not embarrassed or ashamed of yourselves?


And if you really think your soul contracts saying You can't speak on politics or current events is Ever going to inhibit my saying what's on my anarchist heart ...keep sucking the dicks that have you fn deranged enough to think your cowardice needs to be honored by me too. IF that's what you gotta do to keep your money right you are already cursed, bro. You need help.

Meanwhile? Fuck outta here.

#growapair & #publiclygiveadamnforonce

The day gives what it gives. It's up to you to give better than you might get.

Angel Brynner

... when your masochistic ass showed up to school. You don't know much but ya know how fuck your feelings, snowflake I am. You're auditing tha class with an attitude as it is! Lol.

So shut up and take notes so you can make Somebody happy. Maybe one day... even yourself.

The Professore's anarchistic Angel (happily harbingering mofos to learn to fn cook like a man😁)

"He'ont even make his own Pahsta~"|

《hand gestures included》

Gotta say~ seeing mah Zoomers making MAGA lose their shit by darkly pointing out that what the Supreme Court did means Biden could drone strike You know who & do alllllll the things they've been having wet dreams about watching you know who do -as he's boisterously threatened- in 2025...

😥 rully does have me all "& unto us a child is born😊~ "

Doesn't you know who have to publicly ADMIT to the American people that HE outright ordered the attack, meaning that January 6th was an official act? 😘

...a very...very dark Anarchistic Angel, tickled by the quiet part aloud.

Not only did he ...lolol knock her out lolol🤦🏾‍♀️😝🤣...Willem Dafoe just pulled out battleaxes??! & there's suspenders??!! I was like in 4th grade so I came beat myself up for having missed this-& this is the Warriors dude so I shoulda... the costuming, lighting- it's like this dystopian Grease but set in the burning big city wastelands of...mah Heart is sooo full right now -

the Angel, rhapsodically paused right at the final 20 minutes of Streets of Fire, mentally preparing for sure to be sheer insanity-

I tried. But nah. . .

Staaaahhp falling for it. Geez! Every. TIME. For fucks sake.

Context issa motherfucker.


THAT 8000th episode was the best wheel of fortune I've eva seen lol. That's how ya play Wheel lol. Let's go! 😂 I'm still grinning for dude 😁.

wheel of fortune savant fo lyfe! Lol

These griots...out'chere...making mofos do cartwheels trying to catch triple entendres and ish, Millenials and under. I couldn't name a song - Cept like a feature oF only one of'em...but telling ya...he's not going to stop...until he's...done.

Y'all gone learn to leave real writerhead alone.