woosah Wednesday| penultimate pancake punt Touchdown!

…Wanna amp up your French toast game?

Just use real brioche bread.

i was craving pancakes but then I remembered… I’m a frickin genius when I’m hungry.

One hand?

Ordering in frickin Lahs Angiehlezzz vegan oatmilk quinoa pancakes made with vegan butter( with what we used to call Margarine back in the day before they rebranded it for millennials who don’t remember what they were actually fed as toddlers before their parents were convinced they were allergic to everything )for $25 plus tax & tip…


Get a loaf of real eggy brioche bread, pop an egg & goatmilk in a bowl with whathaveyous & go to town. Five dollah. Even in LA.

#makeitwithyourwholeheart meals


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