1010am~ Watch(or play) “Handel – Messiah – Holy Days bingo ~

London Philharmonic (Complete Concerto/Full)” on YouTube

Handel’s Messiah playing softly as background music for the first part of the morning… is stellar.

For me, at least a once-through during the Holy (resetting) Days of December is as de rigueur as Ms. Clooney last night with all her counting blessings instead of sheep.

But~It was surreal to delve into that playlist after all that 2020 has brought. Out of all of us.

Most secular holiday music is consciously keyed into hypnotizing those that got to have decent Christmas seasons that no matter what the year was like all was well and pageantry was on its way like a panacea.

& Many of those who didn’t have those as-advertised holidays grew up adamant to have them. It’s almost akin to patriotism, the impulse.

&yeah. I’ll just say it. The lyrics of White Christmas aren’t racist…but many propagating it as their anthem over the years have been. Throwing crumbs in December at those “less-than” that were disparaged for 11 months straight …because baby Jesus, coal & Krumpus. But~

…fuck them. This is Your season to “holy-FY ” whatever rings sweetly to you today, in 2020.

Real talk?

As Irving Berlin’s jig played as sung by Ms.C last night I saw George Floyd protests scroll in my mind’s eye. & I won’t unsee it. Because like his daughter said, her “Daddy changed the world!!”

Seeing many screeching all is well while cities burned in protest against police brutality this summer has utterly impacted this season.

Especially when they yelled George was a (former) criminal & pointedly left out that he had gotten saved big time &turned his life around, forgetting that their king was called & crucified as a criminal too, having not done an fn thing.

Angel Brynner

I  understand that what they were screeching against are the sentiments  we all are lulled into staving off until December  from fully coming into play in our day to day lives all year long.  

It unfortunately lines up with the psychosis & pathology in who they recognized as the return of said king. Seeing, they ain’t see shite but Cesar Borgia.

Dark jokes aside, What it takes to make a song like White Christmas comforting to everyone in a society like this…oftentimes are summers like this past one.

The story of Christmas…is a story. Spun to celebrate a man … who-regardless of what color you recognize his ass as… turned the dim, abusive world he was born into upside down.

It is the celebration

(nowhere near his actual Bday if you dig into when Herod was sanctioning murdering babies & two year olds while he & his fam were blending in down in Egypt(if you geek historically like me)

…of the gentle, locationally disrespectful birth… of a man who arrived here Knowing he was God’s kid. And walked that shit out.

That awareness was a revolution.


One that made space conceptually for every single one of us walking around here with, and/or of unassuming beginnings… doing what we came here to do.


Wasn’t expecting to go there this day of Handel’s Messiah ~lol.

But the dude who composed that piece is probably on the other side of the veil feeling every piece of what my heart is saying.

Check out Primephonic
https://get.primephonic.com if you’d rather roll with Handel instead of going the YouTube route above:

💥screenshot💥 lol.