red balloon Photo by Marek Piwnicki on

In February 2022… When this visual shorthand was initially built out I definitely didhave a sense this was going to be a fun collaboration. There were still logistical kinks to be smoothed due to gigging but…This is the longest I’ve ever allowed myself to work on a painting.

I’ve learned so much about myself coming back to it again & again. Kept safe in this place that literally called me to leap off a cliff up in the Bird streets with no net…that then gave me the idea & what I needed to do this around everything else I’ve had on tap.

… Love is a trip.

Painting The Anannke (the extra ‘n’ means something) is the purest Grievechronic has ever been, universally speaking. The bones of The Anannke’s face have always riffed on the bones of my grandmother’s mother’s mother but she’s coming out as a rich hybridized riff on her and my grandfather’s mother, which is wild. Everybody’s mitochondria is in me, so it makes sense, but it’s still surreal.