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After researching this #75hardchallenge all summer prior to today’s start the biggest complications/ complaints folks were running into centered around the water intake and flushing minerals you need out of your body.

Not a doctor- I am as laymen as you’re gonna get šŸ˜‰- But even I know that the one thing you truly don’t want to do is 90 minutes of exercise everyday whilst ptsd-pissing out all the minerals your body needs to run effectively even without the workouts. When your mineral levels are low you’d easily be able to fuck yourself up/ get out of whack.

So I’ve engendered a fix keyed to what I already do To make sure my mineral levels are cool as it is that has been encouraging dynamite during the pregamingšŸ¤“.

That first LITER of water?
It’s split between all the water-soluble nutraceuticals and whathaveyous I take everyday.

Everybody’s different- your body may need different things. My body morphs too- I know it’s craving something that is waiting for me at home.

But this Bodhi? It believes in salt, wheatgrass/spirulina powder, sea moss, turmeric (and it believes in most of them in hot water), mineral water & medicinal teas.

So for me? That first liter handles all that.

This is the kind of “head ” to bring to these things. It’s one thing to be disciplining yourself but if you’re starting on a playing field where you’re not listening to your body in the first place & you jump in single-minded sans self-calibration you are setting you up for failure.

discipline=punishment when you’re grinding your gears with no wisdom regarding your actual physique.

My suggestion? Take the fucking time. To figure out where you’re at.

YOU can go get a battery of tests so some doctor can Tell you xyz…

But you can also sit down with yourself & listen to your body first.

You know full well your calves have been aching you at the slightest inconvenience for 15 years. The doctor? They may give you prescription grade acetaminophen to block the reality of that ache From your mind’s eye but that doesn’t FIX the fucking ache.

But in writing that prescription did they also tell you that your Calves are your second(&3rd) heart(s) , muscles charged with pumping your blood all the way up you after it gets to your feet?

Did the prescription wielding doctor tell you that you also have a literal pool of lymph nodes behind your knees? Figuratively speaking, could that pain you’re taking a pill to ignore (trying to do the right thing, I know- I’m not yelling at you) be toxins congealed behind yer knees activating & trying to move to where they can be flushed out? That aching Could be literal cesspools of toxins your body just wants you to release.

Could you do a leeetle diligence… and look into factoring in like a 10 min self lymphatic massage to see if that helps it take longer to hit that ache index?

I’m just saying, as a layman, that the biggest paradigm shift may be you actually get to know your body & its language going forward, without fear.

Don’t let doctors gatekeep you from your own bodies with their scribbles on their little pads. Sadly, Most doctors these days just diagnose, btw. Know that going in.

Find holistic doctors, integrative medicine doctors if you’re going to lean in there first.

& it’s a good place to start if you can’t hear your body cussing at you at all. They’ll help you find & finetune that inner ear by making you DO the work & catching your ass when you don’t do the homework they give. Ironically enough, a work injury that Forced me to do occupational therapy for three months ,3Ɨ a week with 3 different doctors was the best thing that could’ve happened to me, healthwise.

That experience led to me Knowing to take the time pregaming for this #75hardchallenge.

LOSING WEIGHT that’s been packed on protectively to insulate your ass from the blows of life is proof that we live in a #lovinguniverse. Our ability to Do that & the psychological ramifications of this ability.

…So I wont be like ” Fuck losing weight! Focus on getting better!”

Fuck that! That’s just…one more thing to add to a list of gotta dos trying to tsunami your ass as it is.


instead… Focus on Therapeutically fixing your physical foundations, down to a cellular level. With easy discipline. Otherwise you’re going to be fucked in the next culling šŸ˜.

That’s what #75who is about.

Your asses, respectively. If you’re feeling the call to do it too, do it… but tailor it to you & the shit you know is lowkey up with you.

We’ve collectively been through something that showed us those positioned To look after our health are mostly sheep. It’s time to tap into at least some baseline self-diagnostic shit so any pending nonsense wont matter or scare you the way it could.

“Yeah, yeah…end times but~ my lymphatic system is ready to go! Bring it! Yaar!”