…a last lil help for friends(for November 3rd)

Let me finish this by saying…

I don’t care HOW you vote.

But even my borderline anarchist/ happily off-grid more than ½ the time ass can see that if we all AT LEAST did this… the entire thing could get really interesting.

So much wrong with the world isn’t due to bullheaded, stringent beliefs… even though it looks like it.

What is wrong is due to so many having been convinced it’s safer, wiser to have, show or explore no convictions whatsoever.

Many buy the lie that nothing can or will ever change. So it seems not to.

Or when they finally start to care it seems to get worse. Case in point: race relations this year.

But there’s a great Howard Thurman story about this doctor working on a little girl who lets out this violent scream of pain that sends shockwaves through those in the waiting room, so much so that the father is offered condolences when they emerge.

The father says “Thank you, but you don’t understand- when my daughter first started being seen she could feel Nothing in her foot, no matter the violence enacted against it. That howl today I see with joy… because the pain means what was Dead is alive again. Life is flowing through it & into it.”

All this shit in 2020 is…

are the pains of life flooding into what was once given up on as if dead.

The dry bones are living again & screaming like a motherfuck to be heard.

That’s a very exciting time to be alive!

I’m all for a belief, even when I disagree with it.

Because I’m well aware that beliefs can change. In essence, they’re some of the few things that fundamentally can.

And that’s cool.

So~ here’s a lil help… for my friends with cajones to make a call, knowing it’ll work out. Somehow. God-willing.


Please find below two infographics that get all “who shot the dawg” style about the motherload of Propositions that I spoke about (in last week’s D-Day 2020 article) which are waiting for you at the ballot box.

Neither of these should be your end-all-be all… but can help you get a better view of the playing field anyone who gives a fuck is finding themselves on, whether they are normally apolitical(like myself) or not.

One breaks down the prop And shows you how the different parties are voting.

The second is more of a “follow the $ behind the prop” graphic. Basically they raise & throw money behind the horse they want to win for their own reasons, not because it’s the best overall for all concerned parties.

The psychology of all of it is interesting.


Apps who don’t want employees spent a shitload of money.
That being said~ lots of people working for apps don’t Want to be traditional employees.

The measures & councils aside, unfamiliarity with the props is the gamechanger, timewise.

The more you get what you’re going into before you load up to wait in those lines, the more sweatless you’ll be at the front of the line…and the faster you can GTFO of the petri dish this pandemic & petty tricks have forced you into if you opted to wait.

Some cities/states have 24hour polling sites. I’ve yet to see that here.

&here’s some Joe Cocker to surround yourself in as you shift into sifting through whatever it is… that you’re called to do.