….an Esoteric jaunt.

I have had such a cool, clear headed stretch for so long. & I was so productive yesterday! I nailed REcipes & riffs

Ooh~ I gleaned my wardrobe (huge)- let go of some wonderful pieces , &finally “got” my 48th style shift & what I was encoding, repaired a favorite item- I f ureaking clicked in and remade two pieces into Exactly what I am feeling- I’m talking purest designhead-2 pieces I loved &almost sold last year due to fit but they kept returning…. &yesterday in mode, with Goooood scissors they just morphed in my hands into what they were meant to be-

… then, as I was closing up shop I started being pelted with the dank energy of a person completely divorced from my energy by me, trying to use the vibration of someone I love as a shield to spy on me through. He kept uttering all this cloying bs in the Beloved’s cadence, this weird assumptive nonsense that he was SURE was how beloved & I vibe.

&I deflected him, consciously choosing not to be weary. I dismissed the spectre and stayed in my happy place.

I know dude is in the hungry ghost Bardo.

I understand that on a very real level, his fake compliments were anchored by the one real thing he said.

…I love when you get like this.

Because dude’s an energy suck. The sniffing the “supply” is what was at the root of the show up. Psychically stoning him or going gray rock on him was par for any course. With him. Before now.

But like the double black 🐈‍⬛ in the Matrix, that something shifted last night has registered.

Because I did neither.

Didn’t stone him nor Grey rock him. Didn’t stake him so his soul can finally find peace.

I opted to Stay in mines.

Then had an onslaught of psychic attacks in lucid dreams that fell flat.

Until the last one of the night lol.

He …did something he has done before as a spiritual deviant but this time…it was a racist , mocking expression of “what you two look like” that disrespected Everything…to such an extent that I woke up incensed & ablaze, burning down villages for a few beats before The start of the aforementioned shift started to reveal itself.

The root snake reared its head…and for the first time in my life I felt my biological clock kick on in every cell within me.

That mama bear spike we used to hear about? ….that throwing a car to save a pinned child shit? Uterine rage?

Now I get it.

…all my trying to diffuse the real world shit under this esoteric rambling is over.