aTRIP, God is!

What a surreal…

This is a-

…. shiiiiiit got weird.

Brain was holding on for dear life in the throttle of it.

A ride to El segundo that gave me time to have a latte & kouign anne on china at two guns with time to run up to Venice… lovely ladedahร—happy timely virgoan Globalboho trek mode+ errands before LAX…

I even got a flash of the new kimono in tow that i was going to drop in storage paired #ontheroadagain style on my way out but shook it off as I headed to the stop.

I was trying to hit allamy p’s on the way out, running errands, swapping out- all on the itinerary.

Then my bus to the hub didn’t bother showing up.

STRAIGHT Popeye head, steam, pleading with the spirits of southbay to let me leave & yowling how I’d be back, letting go of any resentments hovering-

was on the brink of losing my shit-


a lax virgo, virgoing fully.

“…what do you want? Blood!? What did i do? ! Who must I forgive?? For the love of God!!”

Nevermind that the first go with the flow of the day has me in head to toe red lol-

The spirits of the cities of Southbay circled my “my connections?!” Spinning ass & were like “trust me~ this is better…Like… really. ”

I paused. “Liiiiike…accident realllllllly? “


…so i calmed down. Processed it.

Once the roars dissipated through my flesh at the stop.

something higher is happening here, I whispered to myself.

& woosahed.๐Ÿค—…

Then one of my arthead cheer-on driver dudes who’s been gambatte-ing me the entire duration of the unconventional AIR pulled up on-time, the whole next loop. I stood there shaking off the last of the rage like a giant chihuahua, speechless.

“What’s wrong??”

“The earlier loop just didn’t even bother!”

Five. I turned into a taxed 5 yr old holding it together lol, but breathing because we were moving.


It broke down.

In his face. Watched as they just sent the driver away & the bus to the lot.

I would have LOST MY laidback but STILL AN FN VIRGOAN SHITAKE IF I HAD BEEN on that loop.

He was like “…where to today?” Grinning sympathetically. I told him my itinerary & he was like-

“NO. You’re trying to do TOO much. You’re doing too much. You are already … you won’t make it back in time. Go to the airport. Now. Trust me.”

He was right. He jesus take the wheelbarrowed me. But thaaaaat I Let him ? Huge growth.

My breath hitched in my chest lol- & I quietly remembered I’d actually Wanted to take an earlier flight.

The whole time. Since booking.

“Plus they’ve cut the loops into LAX from where you normally go in. Get off here.” Authoritative.

I was being uber-accommodating in directions by booking the later flight and…

There was just…stuff on it.

&as I sat there… the last of it I’d quietly been smeared with burnt off.

I listened to him.

With the delay …if I’d run errands nut later flight would’ve been missed.

I have to LAX & fly through tsa…

& right beside me on the escalator…

was a pilot. My airline.


Are you flying to Sacramento?

fliert of flirts, blushgrinning ~


“Which one, though? โ˜บ๏ธ”

He was flying the earlier plane that we were both just barely in time for.

“… Can you get me on? I’m supposed to fly later-“


…Hot pilot dude walked me up to the counter and was like “Get her on our flight, please๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿค—.”

….& here we are.

I’ve never flown standby. But that even includes today ๐Ÿ˜.

I get on the plane and…am sat next to another one flying up, reading a book called CHAoS.

lolol- I couldn’t have written this better.