Big Pharma + Youtube= “Too much self-study stopped P1.It won’t stop the effectiveness of P.2.” | Dr. Berg

They’re old people playing checkers. When it’s GO-time. Don’t worry.

Actually, true Health illiteracy is what they Need for their plans to make everyone comply work.

It just means that your health is in your hands as it always has been. They want you stupid enough to put your health in their hands & pay them a premium to string you out on something you’ll be paying for until you die.

So this is “5D or 3D pathway, you choose~” time.

They Screamed “Everyone is obese! DANGER!” …

and now that people are dropping weight like crazy by changing their diets- winning with Food choices…

that are stopping them from buying the “food drugs “entire sectors of industry have depended on them people addicts to them…

AND now they are releasing all these big pharma drugs that let you “eat everything you want & lose weight”

… they don’t want you to find the information that will help you figure out how to tune into you & heal your body.

…You being sick & stupid doesn’t just affect their bottom line. It is a Requirement for it.