Breakfast of Champions

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Most of the summer I’ve been logistically skipping over having breakfast but something about today made me crave it in a very traditional sense.

I’d already gotten up and done all of the gardening, ba duan jin and all of that, plus all the dayUp Globalboho prescription waters rits(nother post) …

& Suddenly, I just got inspired.

I realized I had all of the items onhand for other recipes that would splice together a perfect breakfast of champions… and in a comical flash I wondered

Is this is what farmers feel like after that early round of chores?

Now-for me?

I totally understand what triggered it. I came across beef kielbasa and grabbed some.

If You Know, YOU know ~

Beef kielbasa underwrote all of the 2012-2015 NOLA arc of AOLAB. I was supplementing the AIR by running a self-produced catered breakfast called Dolce Vita 3 days a week with my star attraction being a bfast sammich that was toast, fried eggs and a split open slab of freshly seared beef kielbasa for like $6(& cheese😁). Those sandwiches facilitated more hookups and hangover cures than you’d believe!

They also funded every research jaunt to Miami, Mobile, Memphis, Nashville and Dallas as well as every seminar & new fangled printer lugged into my attic studio for Kokopellima press( needed to make galleys our first full season in flow). Three days a week I was catering bfast, murals and any new hotel collateral (in-haus signage)were done, and working FOH whilst using the music curation aspect of the gig to figure out grievechronic playlists like the child of a deejay I was. 11pm Tuesday I was on midnight runs to wherever I needed to be to water Grievechronic, back by midnight Saturday to do it all again.

But none of those good times flooded up on first sight here. I grew up with beef kielbasa always at the ready. Partially because Cleveland has always had a huge Polish community that demanded it, partly because my dad got us all addicted to slabs of it split open, seared and tossed on top of grits & eggs to firm up our constitutions so nobody would be copping out in lake effect four foot snow drifts on the way to school.

What flooded my senses at the store was that taste- that first time your teeth sinks into the seared, damn near charred, glistening fleshy heaven of it… and that was it. I made myself put back the second pack because I already had alot of bacon onhand for this week’s recipes, but it was on.

I am not someone on planet Earth who normally looks at food solely as fuel. That is not what I came to this rock for. I understand that path is easiest for people whose parents raised them blandly or on lots of processed foods.

But I’m definitely smack dab in Bruce Lipton’s cadre of ” I, Human” whathaveyous below when it comes to life of merit on earth:

…But to each, their own.

The fact that I have the sense of taste that enjoys bacon means that bacon must be enjoyed… until it no longer is enjoyed… then we wander away to apples or something(okay, rarely apples), and return when bacon levels are down.

I’ve even been like “okay, let’s …let’s test this out, Mrs. Married to hedonistic blanket food statements.”

But whenever I did with others I would always do things within test Boundaries to make even fueling things taste “good” and would be told I was missing the point lol.

I wasn’t.

They were. I repeatedly saw this wasn’t about fuel at all… these motherfuckers were talking torture. SHIP TORture.

If you’re talking fuel, adding freshly ground cinnamon and cloves to something to activate cancer fighting & diabetes deflecting cells in your system is Good. For you. In line with amplifying the energetic turnaround in your engine.

but today. .. the Farmer back in For breakfast lined me up with the fueling theology that’s key for me.

I haven’t even had tea yet & I’m running lively &lovely.

These are :

steamed eggs with fresh oregano, thyme & dill, beef kielbasa & 🥓 ! A Lil avocado, sautéed collard greens and seared tomatoes.