Carbon footprints and greenhouse gases |Ursa MAJOR,in…

Standing on the official precipice of 2024 (pomp and circumstance wise), shivering in the shadily positioned pool, contemplating the crazy things virgos plunge into for no sane reason whatsoever.

…A cool breeze kicks up just as the Angel is about to drop her maxidress to the deck.


“Doooo EEEEEEEt!!”her innerchile yowls, feverish from the angelic yells of “there’s no fuckin way! ” pelting their seraphimic retinue.

“It is a lively and lovely locale for polar bears though, this is truly delightful-“

The Angel squeaks and steps into the pool of 2024 to baptize her Self.

“…waita-! Sonafabitch! It’s heated?!😯oooh! It counts! 😅💥Fuck yeah, 2024!”

(…and now all that remains is the bloodletting. )