Ceryneian Hind aside…

black and white photo of a man exercising tai chi in a city Photo by Wes Chuan on Pexels.com

Inverted my schedule by taking the dawgs out first and wearing them out so I wouldn’t have to halve my practice if my spirit felt the children of Falcor getting restless.

[…Ever the Atreyu~]

The swap got me to the gym on the tail end of the early birds. Was more of a sunbird to the hummingbirds today, wedged in before the next wave, already warmed up by the walk and acclimated to the outside rowing machines, my favorite.

Went on to have a great qigong practice today. Longest sans Sifus and Shifus ever that I felt fully physically confident about and actually pushed and pulled by.

I am timing out what I’m running through for the first time with any seriousness (I generally lose track of time in mode) and tacked on the Five Animals at the end on a whim I hadn’t even wanted to follow-I haven’t done it sequentially in over a year due to the Ba duan jin focus but occasionally hang with Bear, Tiger & Crane in flow-

…and kid you not,, frickin glorious Deer stopped me in my tracks and handed me my own venison ass, effectively roasted and sliced!

She totally Vandalized mah flow!

She f ureaking Gandalf’d me!

“NO!I won’t let your body just remember! You shall not pass!

…Go to Her, insolent cherub!

Ceryneian Hind, lighting me up at the culmination of today’s qigong practice.

(“Her” is my teeny aunty shifu who likes to softly punch me in the face in the spirit when my form is off key. )

But…it felt wrong in the body. It always feels wrong when it is incontrovertibly wrong, your various points and meridians refusing to be all “Okay, there’s some movement… we’ll allow it, move on~.”

…I was an hour in! She held me there, busting my balls until I checked the footage and saw what I was doing wrong-

Once I got it? Ceryneian totally (and royally) hind’s feet in high places‘d me & took off, leaping off into the landscaping on the terrace.

Bear yawned as I rippled through more of him into monkey, who kiki’d whilst apologizing for her.

“I think she missed your Artemisian butt during your little age of 8 brocades ~”

But crane was like “that’s what you get for thinking about leaving us outta this! Shake it off! …now get this work! Lol”

girl wearing blue top with her hand around a deer
Photo by Oleksandr P on Pexels.com

Afterwards, I played the sharpest game of dayUP pool played in years- which isn’t saying much because I happily suck at it on the human ” there are rules” scale (bah) 🤗… but it brings me great mentally coordinative joy to be “rulebook bad” at it.

I used to play in Taos before shifts, focused on pocketing the balls, waving off anyone pouting about playing with.

…Even got in meditation out of doors.

Embracing this Be here now flow while I am. Blessed with being here.

Feeling like I’m finding my qigong sweetspot is a wonderful thing.