Climate change at close range: The fake shock at the Ice melting in orange glares.

That this would be the October surprise that does black people as a monolith(that we are not) in makes me smile.

A day after Kanye West paused in his pissing on Grammys [ that he’d hoped everyone forgot he’d thrown outright Temper tantrums at awards shows for not wining for years Until he got one(we did not~you big baby)]…to drop a joyful song about stealing 40,000 votes from Democrats in Kentucky so his brothers and sisters could remain under the knee of corrupt politicians like Mitch McConnell, only to find out mid-celebration that said numbers were from a Test…

Trump cashed in his useless Kanye chips for an attempt at some street cred called Ice. Motherfucking Cube.

…and people are losing their minds.


Because people are stupid.

Look. I don’t have a problem with Cube. I actually think his always cantankerous looking ass is cute- I am sure his wife is very happy with his mean-pretty, scowling self. And he’s actually a decent actor. I can watch him beat the ass of that whiny lil philadelphia motherfucker in that teacher movie every weekend and be pretty content.

& I’ve been called a Nigga with an Attitude and been as feared for speaking my truth in much smaller circles many a time. To me, rappers are pissed off poets & griots.

No harm, no foul… but you still yowling … poetry… at the top of your lungs… and it makes me wanna scratch’you under your melodramatic, performative lil chins and go “Awww~mah widdle wappuh~”

…Which is why they don’t fuck with me.

But anybody voting differently because the “Proud Boys, stand back & stand by” jerks pulled an Ice Cube assist out their pocket like he was a gimp caged in a basement or some monkey in a shriners hat & vest on a leash banging cymbals… needed to be outed before the election so they can get their asses appropriately kicked by mommanem. Because they weren’t correctly discerning the times if they were that quickly wavering.


1. It doesn’t Matter WHO authored that scant-assed plan/ final solution for Black people. It’s shit and skirts over every real issue people of every color have been in the streets all summer about.

2. Oshea Jackson [Ice Cube is his stage name, people] is an intelligent man with business acumen who grew up working middle class with a black Machinist pop. Like me. He’s the same age as my big brother and has done phenomenally well for himself. That doesn’t mean that plan is not shit AND that doesn’t mean the covidders currently in the people’s house didn’t just try to “this is our new niggeR(hard R)”him as a last-ditch PR move, twenty days out. As Kanye cried in his barn.

3. That Trump approached him had nothing to do with that business acumen and everything to do with whose votes the Republican party wanted to leverage against black people as a whole, based on sins of the past overshadowing sins of the present. When in the past the vilification of Black people as a whole was flagrantly bipartisan.

The Republicans were targeting who they expected to be most easily bamboozled out of voting in line with their true concerns, who they knew had been deftly programmed via the music they listen to, possibly unconsciously open to betraying their soul’s higher cause.

If Either party were concerned about real plans to advance people of color there would be a broad spectrum of outreaches across industries Other than just entertainment to pull together an accord that took into in-depth account things like Black STEM presence, finance, marketing, public health, Aerospace, aeronautics, even fashion alongside the various lucrative and creative sectors of the entertainment industry. Moves that they could crow about, even if those talks crumbled. Because we are in so many arenas these days, somewhat unfettered, enjoying being Able to focus on our responsibilities and respective lanes with usually only mostly microaggressions, if anything (until 2020 outted everybody’s inner David Duke). The honest attempt for broad spectrum input would have been a noble early step.

They did not DO that because of the dumpster fire the very people Cube collaborated with set to try to stay in power, using the same voter suppression tactics that have always worked in the past against the very black people Oshea penned that plan for.

And they did not do that because they simply were going after the permeably misogynistic, programmable base Cube made his initial money on.

Instead of addressing the violent corruption of dirty cops roaming the streets NOW, they tried to pull a bait & switch and align with a man who said fuck the police back then, making my generation cheer …as if it would fake absolve them for their indifference to police fucking killing indiscriminately in communities of color today.

When they try to push him to talk about Biden then, or (overturned) Rockefeller laws instead of Trump’s failures now… remember where you read it first.

Understand the story they’re trying to tell. It’s all watch the hands, people.

That it has come out that Trump has now reached out to and weaponized another absently misogynistic rapper against the Black populace standing in solidarity against his re-election as stoutly as he stood With the proud boys &cops brutalizing Black people not even a month ago…

And that this came out to change the tide of mockery concerning him paying 2000 Blacks via Candace Owens to come to the White House -as carefully worded “protesters” so as not to be confused with his regular rally attendees (only 500 showed up, then went back to infect their communities for a hat & a tshirt)… speaks to the truth of what all this is:


The real question isn’t what the fuck were they asking Cube for.

That motherfucker is worth $160 million without any of Kanye’s weepy misogynistic grandstanding, waves of rondo Uncle Tomming, flares of sickening aberrant religiosity & right wing ass-kissing.

The real question is what are they up to and trying to get you to look away from by making all this noise?

What is going to affect black communities as a whole that they want to get in while black twitter is yelling at Cube trying to make that motherfucker melt.


Them posturing like they have him in their back pocket?

That was Monday drop.

& so they have shit planned for that Friday 5pm dump.

Pay Attention.