D-Day: A different kind of GB Woosah sonic Wednesday /Septemberian style.

There’s so much more to hearing than just hearing.

As a writer, my ears are relied on in ways beyond  the norm that it’d take a treatise to explain.

That’s why you so often see deep dives  into sonics & sonar here, why Hertz is so heavily invested into, study-wise.

We don’t just hear with our ears.  Every cell of our being is able to hear us, to tap into what we are saying sometimes without any awareness that the broadcast is coming from us.

And that’s without even touching on prayer, meditation, clairaudience and outright telepathy.

We don’t even fully hear what people are saying to us. We hear through all the past things that have happened to us that could be seen as in key with whatever is going on, oftentimes drowning out the true key & intent of whatever it is asking us to listen to it.

Sometimes… the past clouds and clogs our ears so badly that we can’t hear where we are now or where we need to go. And a lot of that is psychological,  ephemeral. And fucking dangerous.


Because as humans we were most easily programmed by the things we heard. How parents spoke to us and of us is unconsciously carried for better or for worse. Until we can work through it.

And sometimes we can’t understand how, after having done all that work, those tapes reload and replay, the things on them charting our course with more authority than they should ever have sans our permission.

Sometimes the enemy’s words are lodged right up against our eardrums doing all it can to stop us from hearing the truth that would set us free from it.

But in pure Virgo fashion, sometimes the best way to tackle shit like that is pragmatically. Tangibly. Ritualistically.


September starts with a bona fide ear cleanse.

Some people do ear candling. Esmerelda is too much oiled hair to be messing around with that over here, and there’s a weird strip of something in alot of those diy candles that gets mistaken for wax, but many swear by them.

But if you’re really ready to let go ~ and If you want to trip yourself Out…

Track down one of these Debrox kits. With the bulb… & clean… really irrigate your ears at least once a year.

Follow the directions precisely, extending the length if led to.

You’ll be happily disgusted with what comes out of you… but you can use the horrific imagery symbolically…as what it is you are letting go of hearing that is no longer serving you.

The first time I did it? I lost my balance. Why? Possibly because my body had been balancing around it for so long that the clearing sent aftershocks through my ship. Literally sea legs got wobbly.

It was so cool!

My voice boomed in my head supersonically! It was joyously ridiculous.

&that was just day one.