The right exercise will reveal the real devil for you to vanquish.

My lowkey love language speaks in savory crepes at all times of the day. The South Beach hotel I did the mural on the rooftop of had a creperie popup in one of its bottom spaces. I have good memories of watching them be made as my friends and I played with the chef, marveling at all the things he’d shove into them.

Leaning into that with this prep has been very sweet, savory & uniquely Asian-inspired tho it is.

I unearthed the true face of some wariness and weariness that had been hovering today.

After a stunningly beautiful, unfurling, simple warm-up workout.

A pure spiritual attack against the desire of my heart, knife to its throat. Demanded my life. All over jealous outrage over my joy over a workout.

I needed to see it to process it & be free of it.

It WAS rough. But the gift in it is astounding.