dayUp mockups & galleys|pubhead highs

…Received the first set of true to size galleys for the finalized sections of a pending KPM Press release that has had me by the neck the last month in the most beautiful way.

For weeks now I’ve been back up in the high rise basecamp I began 2024 in, a gaggle of literal writerhead dawgs (their mom is a writer too) that know the drill & flow with it effortlessly tucked around me, crosslegged on the floor beside the bed or on it, symbiotically linked to my laptop in designhead or recovering from it .

In process mockups have been being tested incessantly- beating the Hades affectionately out of them in development embeds them with the crooning masochism the final product then siren songs it’s adoptive parents with to go all out ALL over them.

There’s much more to do but this sets the core…

all else is gravy.

…Okay~ More like the rest is like Poutine waiting to be devoured, sexy fries and all.