ENDgame, by AngelBrynner.

black wireless headphones on gray electronic keyboard Photo by Kai Pilger on Pexels.com

(…It’s…been a sonic minute. )

Waking up
I close my eye
Breathing in ,
…it’s time to fly

If there is anything
Like to be today

It’s okay
I choose
What’s best for
Me to do

I feel the stream( nana…na…nanana)
I feel the stream

Waking up
another day
so much to do
not much to say

It matters what i bring
Matters how I play

That’s why I
choose you
Cause you know
That too

We feel the stream ( nana…na…nanana)
We feel the stream

This place
Is chaos
If you
Focus in
The wrong way
Your life,
It  changes
When you
See that you
Have some say

It’s the Chance
You have
The game
You came
… to play

So play~
Go enjoy
Your day
You have all
The say
Do it all
Your way

Enjoy the dream ( nana…na…nanana)
Enjoy  the dream

Up again,
Open my eye
Breathing in,
…I  hear you sigh,

It’s all the joy you bring
Ya look at me that way

Know that I
chose you
And you chose
Me too

We’re living the dream ( nana…na…nanana)
We’re living the dream

…Waking up,
Another day
I’m glad you’re here
In every way

If there is anything
Need from me today

You know how
We do…
So let’s just
Get to…

The dream

©️ Angel Brynner 2023