#faithisstrange: & the count goes on, 812pm 11/4/2020.

I’d felt his eyes flit on me as we pathed in the store 2x. Cops. One of 2. I am aware but it’s kinda obvious I give no fucks. That when I went up to pay the two were ahead of me, maskless, made me aware of the conversation some part of me was having with God because I went “okay, apparently we’re doing this. ”

He touched his gun out of nervous habit when I started talking to him. I saw it & 100% did not care. Was just telepathically to him like “Nope. You’re getting over itWe’re going to behave like fucking humans, you & I. Fuck this “climate.”

Asked him plainly how it was out tonight as my favorite dude behind the counter chimed in, chatting in a convo that spread to all surrounding folks at the store about the quality OF the calm. Everybody is home, chilling.
I went “hopefully all the boarding up was preemptively done? ”

They- at least he- seemed more spooked by the calm than anything else. He said “well, then again the results aren’t in yet. People forget, everyone with a business ain’t rich.” But he actually looked relieved the whole store was not seeing them as the enemy.

They’ve been primed.
Just as Much as we have.
By the narrative afoot.
I saw that in the nervous tap of the gun.

But tonight?

By all of us deciding to dismiss that priming and just fucking talk to each other like good neighbors… I saw we’ve already won.

I came home… & at 812pm I just was like”… fuck it, we Have won

…and I popped it.
Because I did my part… and I’m believing for the best possible outcome.

And know wholeheartedly I’m not alone in that.

We are safe, we are loved…and there’s a Lot of work to do no matter how this falls.

So we soldier on.

…& so~

I raise my glass… to us.

For not burning the motherfucker down. Yet.

We got through almost all of day 2.

Kampai, motherfuckers.