Final geist: Acid for the children by Flea/finish HIM! rawktOber style[#GB haptic BOOKIST].

@chilipeppers have been to me what @therollingstones are to the generation above me. I never dug deep into the “lore,” to me that’s what the fucking music is for…I just loved their wild crazy asses after hearing #bloodsugarsexmagik &losing my teenaged #blackrockchick
Body, soul & mind. I’ve never given any fucks for anyone’s interpretation of all that, either. But luckily, a deejay dad & #artboyz who listened to whatever the fuck they wanted to too kept interpreters at bay.

…Anthony was me as a boy(oh God knows i’d have been wild like him as a dude lol) & is who got me to actually let my guard down about rap again after #publicenemy attacked with threat of violence the more ethereally oriented crews that spoke to my heart;

Was my husband 4500+ years ago when our species ended everything by stupidly triggering a fn nuclear holocaust over dumb shit lol;

…chad was the giant big brother who could kill everybody &knew it … who fucked with badassed amazonian energied chicks that encouraged me not to tone my wtf whathaveyous down;

& Flea? – every club scene I’ve run around in God sent in a happily thrashing,pan- like peroxided guardian angel cut from his cloth(none wielding a bass but~)to make sure I didn’t lose too much of my shit. That’s how he ended up as the inspo for the young, wild ringleader of the gang in #Ecclesia #grievechronicbooktwo that protects #Artyo for a leg of her journey to #Exodus.

Like I said, I didn’t fuck with the lore. But reading this book that I was supposed to have saved to finish for #rawktober2021, the first hardcover book I’ve ever purchased twice in my life just because I couldn’t wait To see what happens, underscored that I may have not known the lore… but my #bookbabies did.

Because that wild kid I imagined taking a board to an #adaptive to protect another outsider like the ones in his crew, even tho she wasnt someone he technically knew…
Is who I found between these pages, wild, free and raging to be @flea333.I feel like I just visited with the carac i’d only previously seen a whisp of.& #myjoyisfull

ThisWas a cool fucking book. I can’t wait for pt2.