“finish HIM!holy daze style: the celestine vision, by James Redfield\#GB haptic BOOKIST.

The Point of this is simple. Every month a great book that we have yet to finish finally gets all the way devoured, low-key meandering Globalboho bookclub style. It must be finished by the end of the month…and if it piques your palette you can pick it up and read along too.

By midnight of the Last day of the month, some sort of Gist or expression of how said auther smacked the Globalboho geist will be uploaded into the ether to be picked apart, discussed and/or enjoyed.

The Holy Daze Selection is an oldie, but a potent goodie: The Celestine Vision, by James Redfield.

Between December 2019 and 2021 ALOT of people’s vibrations have been raised in jarring ways.

Say what you will about James Redfield, but his Celestine Prophecy series saved the necks of MANY of us who got yoinked up a few levels at the turn of the 21st century, folks who otherwise gave no fucks for the mumbo jumbo that all this spiritual stuff was seen as 28 years ago.

It’s our job to point the gruff newbies now on that strange path to what worked as we gained our spiritual sea legs.

This selection is my offering in that energy.

Alot of people who ARE as “WTF is happening?!” as my wave of sceptical mystics once WERE…may dig this dude.

Tis the season to get beyond the tribal mentalities that segmented the experience of a sacred season into denominations force-fed onto others for the semblance of power instead of for the sake of ascension overall.