fire in the hole green is…

close up photo of dandelion Photo by Ramdas Ware on

when the lifeforce in plants is so ecstatic over blooming in the Spring that you’re shook by the bright, warm yellow-orange tinge to it, especially in Sunlight.

If you have the eyes to see.

It’s pretty automatic if you grew up in the northeast- we grew up keyed to leaves turning and that color green synched with the streetlights coming on later again 🤗.

But desert brings it out of you too if you’re paying attention.

There’s an intense ocular shift in the cool striving yellow-blue of first bud, end of February greens and just shy of the Equinox, bout to lose it’s lifebringer sh*t fiery green of officially Spring.

…starting the true new year seeing it is a blessing.