GB FRIDaze: Danny Morel/Psa on going through it…

Yeah , we’re all Going through it…but guess what? We’re ALL going THROUGH IT! 🏄🏿‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️🏄🏾‍♀️

When you understand what you are truly witnessing you can really face and look at how you’re responding to those things you’re witnessing with some insight into your own stuff.

This stuff gets deep on every side of the cube.

Some people are outraged at the expressions of ribald joy over this innocuous event & don’t even get it’s because there are sectors of their own lineages that they’ve utterly disengaged from (from secretly righteous places,even…)…who participated in programming the generational trauma responses that had Stopped this kind of unity from ever occurring. The mitochondria in their blood is boiling and creating a cognitive dissonance within their “but I’m an ally” iterations.

& the funny thing is that all this…is happening For them too!

The generational trauma needing to be released…. the inner free radicals needing to be stopped from running amok?

If you are here, now, breathing…laughing or not….

There is some shit you’re earmarked to process by picking the DNA clutches you did to portal in here.

They’re (your ancestors as well as mine) hoping you’re willing to be the one to look at the carnage they ran (had no choice but to run) through blindly… with unfettered eyes.

This isn’t about shame.

At all.

It’s proof we’re ALL scheduled to go Forward into better, together. No BS.

See it for what it was, what it wrought…and with the empathy that only being born Of your particular It can bring to the deliberations, WHAT your spirit would wish were righted if you’d been the victim of it. There are epic opportunities inherent in this for everybody.