GB Fridaze: why this? Why now? (…a lil help)

That’s the question, right?

This time… this is “coming up” in the same spirit as some other recent events.

Not retreads.

Initially they might have seemed to be. But no.

Now, with the “six footer”? In a very placid sense, there’s always a pause. Due to the third party involved in Our shit from jump. Last I heard he truly got cured of his drug shit, which left the brunt of our shit at bygones.

Glad he made it. We both know lots didn’t. Glad I did not have to go to jail for blacking out over his shit. Our current iterations don’t have jack to do with each other, and if nothing else he survived to the age that all the shit I have been railing against via Grievechronic for 20 years is now not swept as easily under the rug.

And he was never stupid. He was fn crazy. Outside of this shit, no real problem With crazy. Which he knew. And he also knew that God had asked me to write… instead of doing what was my nature then. He knew exactly who he was goading, and where. And he knows she’s alive and well.

So if this ain’t a retread, what is it?

I do have my theories but…Only He and God knows. Honestly.

Maybe enablers are regrouping since he’s back outchere…

Maybe they’re waving shit in his direction to see what and where he’s primed to succumb to their shit.

Maybe this is God reminding him via me …that he’d told him what to do with them Then, via me…

Maybe God poked at me to remind him he Already knows What to do…and that it’s on him to do it… And that if he has to take a lil old school evil Angel inspo with God as a conduit…To finally murk these motherfuckers still thinking he’s a patsy or a Mark…have fun. They’d freak out momentarily seeing me blazing out his fucking eyes as he did it, that’s for sure.

Maybe some dumb kids with Fucked, compromised moms are trying to load R.Kelly ish up onto the pegs I’d had to walk away not to burn down…and this is God’s way of nudging Him it’s time for Him to heal there too.

whatever it is… it’s not a retread.

And I recuse myself all the same.

On my end?

I could rationalize why I need to forgive the one aspect I hadn’t let go off. But doing that , putting the pretty bow on it is BS. I’ve placed that ” bow ” before. That’d Be the retread.

He knows I know the industry aspect of that shit. It’s damn near contractual in a sense.

and the whole “Who are you Not to forgive it, whatever it was?!” doesn’t fly here.

Keep … feeling something in my spirit today that was never attached to this. A reminder. About the Guardian wedged into the mess to stop shit from Oppenheimering out. But every time it frothed up I’ve pointed to her own testimony regarding how she arrived at the altar intact. No matter how it looked to the world. & I believe her. & that I witnessed him atoning for what Was askew in his shit enough to know God was handling that.

This one is diff.

…and I got to figure out why once and for all. I gave up the idea that it was safe to have a home over this shit. I’d been cusping on that shit anyway due to forced lockdown in Nyc during that cauldron… but in That…that was the true “it.”

This may be Sirius gateway completion shit.