GB G.I.O.Y.T THURSDAYS [inaugural]

Sometimes as a writer … words or tiny phrases will just captivate you.

Nicknames, insults, catcalls… glorious, blasphemous unholy things that fall down out of your brain and stick to the roof of your mouth, begging for your tongue to trip over potholes so they can scurry out of your unchecked lips and straight up into the stratosphere, forever etched in the mind’s eye of God, attributed to you.

I have grown out of the demented joy of meditating on the ideas of situations that could justify the use of such profane bon mots (mostly due to butthurt nonsense that tended to ensue in reaction to the gleeful way which said sequiturs and character assassinations used to so effortlessly spill out of me)… but they have reached a Critical Mass inside of me.

…and I felt I must find a way to release them into the wilds of Earth without making some bitchassed motherfucker ( that was warned) cry about glaring technical fouls ever ready in my aura.

Consider GIOYT THURSDAYS [get it off yer tits thursday🤗] a kinder, gentler… repository, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour… but no longer allowed to take up space within me while I’m divining which characters or scenarios the turn of phrases belong to.

They aren’t allllllll insulting😁.

Some are just really ticklish and tormenting me, sitting around inside my whathaveyous, waiting for Godot so they can happily Roar out of me.

Like today’s GIOYT Champion…