GB Motherboard/The Mothership Project. DAY 8.  “Beyoncé – Bigger Opera Vocals (Acapella vs Studio)

I include Beyonce IN this because people don’t realise she CAN go there. . .

And the adulation these Black female opera singers of the past received are honestly the only true somewhat comparative lit out there to the way, when she decided exactly how she was going to go with her geist, she slammed into us all. Her ascendancy and celestial reign is on par with all things operatic.

Look at her shows! Homecoming Was Opera to the highest O. That was the spirit folks turned out in frocked droves to experience long ago, reconfigured for our wild times.

To me… Beyonce is like if classical composers Could do it all including singing their songs better than anyone else…encapsulated. & Casually.

You can disagree if you’d like. It just shows you’re not paying attention to the actual artform. Think along the lines of Maria Callas being from like Yonkers and having to hide it… to Beyonce’s emblazoned when she wants it Houston drawl.

Even though I am of the tribe of Joan Jett and Madonna, the kid (because I can’t forget she’s my younger sister’s age) has had Every right To call herself the true epitome of the Latter-Day Diva that people bow down to her as. For decades.

But just~…Play this link below… but go back and play from 1:28 onward again. LOUDLY… then softly.

Operatic props ARE Given to the young fellow Septembrian.