[#Globalboho Prescription]: Chaga pt 1.

Stepping up my appreciation for #Chaga is on the #2021vision.

I’m rocking with 2021 vision because it intimates the possibilities of seeing a smidge better than perfectly… being all about #perfectingyourvision. Of yourself, of the world… an active quality to embracing life.

There actually Are people who see better than 20/20. It became a bit more prevalent when more folks started putting lasers in their eyeballs. Which sounds so campy #thisisscifi to me…

Yeah, anyway… It’s the 1st #Globalbohoprescription of 2021, to be added to your #immunityarsenal to help calm you.

There are all kinds out there. A good starter is Four Sigmatic’s mushroom elixir sampler pack. It’ll cost you about $10-15bucks for a variety of mushroom powders keyed to different things, including chaga.

All of this #Globalbohoprescription stuff is #bydhttmwfi . Especially when it comes to mushrooms I feel each body may respond differently.

I never tried it on the mountain but I did in the Headlands, and only after playing with other varieties of actual fresh mushrooms.

For me, I’ve now been leaning towards finding the right “pure” chaga to key it up a notch for the past three months. No blends, small source, personally harvested, etc. I didn’t want to amazon in a pound of something my body hasn’t decided it’s going to use with cloudy sourcing whathaveyous.

It was quite a surprise that a possible answer to the conundrum was found in Petaluma, CA. I’ll post a review of the chaga company‘s chaga mushroom elixir after the Guinea pig period wraps, but I have heard a lot of raves about the product and the person behind it on the ground in this quietly bohemian lil hamlet.

The GB immunity arsenal intent for chaga is actually PM alongside some other nutraceuticals but the globalboho experiment is beginning with it in coffee.