GB Prescription: libations pause, end of day or otherwise.

it’s not even necessary for it to be booze-

It’s the ritual of pausing in the midst of whatever your day has been so far & centering yourself …on honoring Your lifeforce that honestly is powering all that running around that you Love Or hate in the first place.

& yes~ bringing a shot of “quality of life” into your proceedings is going to look different for different people:

if kids are everywhere, stick on Caillou & go sneak off to have a juice box outta dodge;

if you’ve been a rugged individualist all day, maaaybeee you Do need to go be human with other humans for a bit, even if y’all are just sitting next to each other being potatoes for a breath before diving back into what you’re up to;

& if you’ve been peopling all day, kick everyone out yer office, do a woosah breath, slide on those noise cancelling whathaveyous & pour your ass a stiff scotch…so you can simmer down & stare at whatever you’ve been having to look at with every body all day…alone. Or at the ice melting in your drink to make that libation taste better. Whatever. Just…chill.

If you won’t see yourself as worthy of taking five minutes for you… taking “the time”… why should anyone else look at you as worthy of any quality of life?

Build it …IN, babes!


…even at 5 minutes, truly done.

…You can go back to it.

I promise.


nobody can take the pillow you’re suffocating yourself with out of your hands if you won’t let you breathe.