GB Septemberian Style on the horizon.

When we casually speak of fashion we rhapsodize about patterns and color, fleeting tribal affiliations, flags of belonging or not caring that we do or don’t.

It’s treated so superficially most times, as if it’s a superfluous subject that speaks volumes about the breadth and width of your character, and not in the kindest ways if you happen to find true value within it.

Those artists who are called to fashion as their true medium are perfectly fine with that disregard in a broader sense because they know those who mock fashion have no idea what they are actually looking at. They are fine with this because gives artists in the medium space to dream. And to work, without interruption. When they can afford to.

They know that for the human species fashion is not a flippant, casual impulse at all. That sense of frivolity is consciously created via a lot of intent and effort behind the scenes, in multiple, often contradictory directions.



In that precise order, psychologically.

For a reason.

But when it really comes down to it for me, the word fashion always brought to mind blacksmiths shaping weaponry that was meant to be wielded. & Quests.

What always excited me about fashion is what lives in the bare bones meaning of the word in the worlds we inhabit or long to live in, the concepts, psychological markers and motifs that key us into time and space, anchor us to or move us towards the things we came here to be.

Those with eyes to see read the global seasonal collections in New York, Paris London, Italy and Japan like tea leaves. Those with tangible, old-school training comprehend that the new-hotness of quarterly & monthly launches of new product line up with staggered deliveries to stores and boutiques of yesteryear.

It is all feeding the same consumptive craving, dressed up in costumes concordant with the times, a precise system that does everything in its power to continue running like clockwork. So that we as a society, will.

Which is what made 2020 and 2021 very interesting times to any with any love for the game in this particular river.

My inability to not follow my geist is what led me from Fashion- where I defined myself as an outfitter of men- to Sci-Fi/ Dark Fantasy novel writing, traveling incessantly for art installations and art residencies to build out my literary worlds unfettered, and to interact with those the worlds were roaring out of me For. 2020 changed a lot. Purified the Geist. Recalibrated it in ways only 2021 could key me into.

2020 closed with an odd admonition that it was time to go home. 2021 opened with God clarifying the only semblance of home he had in mind with an encounter that changed everything.

…There are those who are run ragged by fashion, joyously or otherwise. Because of the “patch-in” that clothing can give us to a new sensation solely based on what we imbue the pieces with, whether we realize that we are the magician or not.

There are others… who change the course of this river and its deltas… simply by following their Geist where it goes.

While hiding out in a quarantine vortex on Venice Beach in the throes of writerhead as Winter shifted to Spring, one of the reasons I went into fashion a lifetime ago washed up on the shore like Aphrodite herself when she was repping both love and war with her regalia.

I was asked-Told to interview her for the Globalboho book project, actually. Ordered on sight by an acquaintance, a fellow arthead and writer, someone dear to her, when we first crossed paths. Sans name. After we’d said hi.

“She’s had an amazing life! Lived all over the place! They said you’re knee-deep on a travel book. You have to interview her! “

When I realized who she was…who I am thanks to the things she chose to do as one of the true vanguard of the fashion industry took the wheel.

“They told me that I must interview you… but I know who you are. My background is in fashion- you literally made everything I did an option. Do you even WANT to be interviewed? You’re on vacation. ” I asked her plainly a few mornings later.

She locked her steely, all-seeing eyes on me and grinned,sizing me up like she could read my mind. I felt like I had come home, clearly seen for the first time in ages. She basically sifted my spirit in order to make her call.

” Yes. Let’s do it tomorrow, 8am. Over coffee.”

Excerpts from our in-depth conversation will be featured in TheMAG.Globalboho Septemberian Style issue.

This was the epitome of a “take off your shoes, for you are entering holy ground~ “experience.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed being blessed with the experience of it.

Stay tuned…

TheMAG is coming back from summer sabbatical like a supernova in the sky.