We all witnessed it. 2021 started off wild. It not only got mental... it got BIBLICAL.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until the present time, the kingdom of heaven has endured violent assault, and violent men seize it by force [as a precious prize—a share in the heavenly kingdom is sought with most ardent zeal and intense exertion].

Matthew 11:11-13

The sanest thing to do this Spring in a world dead-set on acting like all was okay and it was ready to open back up was to make a plan for the Summer that got off the beaten path in search of hope for “NEXT,” no matter what.

There was no bandwidth to stay put, nor to side-step true flows to stay putting up with the nonsense of human beings shaken awake into the collective nightmare that what they’d been doing nefariously OR unconsciously has had us all grappling with as the pandemic played dead.

The geist behind the MAG had to figure it the fuck out, to navigate towards the hereafter, even though all that has happened over the past 18 months wiped out a lot of outposts and ecosystems said geist glided through and gleaned sustenance from.

It sounds a bit “specialized” and “first world problems-ish” but the truth is that is really what we all are doing, whether we allow ourselves to see it or not. A line, a threshold has been crossed and there is NO going back.

Back no longer exists outside of the memories logged in our respective heads or hearts and the residue of trauma or joy in our limbs and tissues.

We are all IN the “Hereafter” now.

And what that ends up looking like is going to be keyed to the actuality of our hearts.

Plain & simple: Are you sowing Heaven or Hell? Are you frolicking with the corpses of old, dead archetypes in search of some semblance of coolness or “edge” when that edge no longer exists, like zombies in search of brains in a hamlet steeped in idiocy? Or are you building up and following through on things worth renewing?

2021 is showcasing that beyond the conceptual pillowcase over the head that is “duality” it is ALL Allowed. & Now this shit is going to play out in front of all of us.

The twist is… you’re going to get the shit you sow. More blatantly than prior to now. No matter whose garden you try to bury it in, your shit…is gonna stick to you.

Hopefully 2020 gave you space and clarity to discover what seeds are worth planting in hopes of reaping in your own sphere of influence from a positive place. Because you can be left behind whilst walking lock-step alongside someone and not even know it if your ego is functioning on a dank plane that is disintegrating in every direction. Picture the Nothing from the Neverending story consuming itself and ask yourself “Is that YOU?” & if it is and you don’t want to be that cipher…change course while you can.

Whether we admit it aloud or not, we all got tired of dealing with the hidden elements of this culture or it would have never crashed. Those gaslit into thinking all was well even as they pretended not to see everything going wrong were just as exhausted lying to themselves as those having to hold in their sheer assholic behavior to such tight confines so as not to be found out.

Energetically, it’s been a new coming out, met with “If we’re out, then all the shit swept under the rug is coming with it!”

Nobody is wanting to be anyone’s poster-boy for Anything anymore.

No one is trying to make you happy with whatever blank, bland bullshit you’ve convinced yourself is all that is to them in order to cog them into your wheel.

It’s crazy.

…And beautiful.

There was NO WAY I was going to be able to sit my wanderlusty ass still through all of that.

So necessary calls were made.

And Plans.

Plans out the wazoo to have a real fucking summer, by the grace of God, in search of next, in search of the story of what is stepping out of the discombobulation and dissolution happening all around us instead of sitting in said muck documenting the gnashing of narcissistic teeth in cities, recording the warbling and whining of people used to feeding off others as they watched their surplus of souls start making strides in healing themselves For themselves.

There’s a great story there, I know. I already have a lot of notes for that one (You’ll see). But it’s like sitting in the dark and closing your eyes instead of walking out into the light and opening them. Sometimes ya gotta pick up your fucking bed and take a walk so that you can relearn how to enjoy the ride.

I hit the road, in search of what this world I used to love to my own chagrin is morphing into in my lifetime, letting the chagrin fall away. I hit the road surrounded by a spirit of “Finally~!” and found new friends along the way.

Because already, even though we are nowhere near done with what HAS to happen… this world is nominally yet visibly a better place than it was a year ago.

I hope you enjoy what proof of life I have found to corroborate that statement as it comes out.

…and that it gives you at least a modicum of the hope and joy it has given me so far.

As a culture, we have gone through round one of a deep detox triggered by a lockdown that was supposed to stomp out a lust for life that a huge swath of a generation of Americans hadn’t realized they’d already let fall by the wayside anyway.

State legislators are already nefariously trying to leverage the die-off from this past round of detox against us. Look up Bill AB 1395 in California. It’s using the cover of climate change to raise prices on traveling as the fastest to way to cut greenhouse gases. In other words…if it costs too much to fly, to book…you’ll stay put. Which will shut down those traveling and those who have built a cottage industry out of providing alternatives in the accommodations desert left the last time they tried to justify putting travel out of reach of the everyman. #wholenotherpost.

But Lesson One of surviving a detox is understanding the reality of die-off. The shit almost explodes in the pushback and all the seeds connected to it try to burst into bloom, to check just how serious you are about eradicating shit.

Lesson Two?

…Let the road rise up to greet you and walk your hereafter out like it’s what you came here, after. One step at a time.