GbMAG2…End on Envisionist imagery.

To those who know what #rawktober2020 IS…

Enjoy your Lundi Gras-ing out this weekend.

But dry out by Sunday night.

We ride at dawn this coming Monday. Be ready to leave crutches on the altar.

Ah yes~

1). Let there be (background) music!

AngelBrynner’s RAWKTOBER Playlist

It.aint.called.RawktOber.for.Nothing!Play at will. There are some gems in that playlist.

2). Below are the qi gong 5 Element focuses for each week to cycle through.

You have the element, the organ & the emotion to focus on releasing.

Since nothing exists in a vacuum, the emotions to bring in are:

Week one/letting go & refinement.

Week two/happiness.

Week three/balance, sympathy &sincerity.

Week four/compassion.

The fifth week is election week, which is going to be finishing the water fast and doing the exercises you see fit to get through all that. Then the elemental circuit picks back up.

3). The hertz focuses for each week of rawktOber are found here.

AngelBrynner rawktOber hertz playlist

This is going to take a little “math.” To know which ones are for what weeks, remember the organs listed as the focus in #2 and sync on your own.

Always remember…

You can simplify this.