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A deeper dive on the Lungs, this past week’s qigong focus for RawktOber 2020.

We’re in Autumn, which is Metal in the five elements scheme of things. Metal is also the focus of the lungs and large intestine.

The hertz for work with the lungs is 220hz.

The meridians for the lungs start at the base of the outer nailbeds of each thumb and run up the insides of the arms through the inner elbows until ending slightly above where your arms join to your torso.

By pressing on that spot gently for about 7 seconds & then massaging up your arms and your sides as part of your daily qi gong practice you can get sluggish qi moving a bit better.

We are still technically in a Quarantined situation for the most part but the reason behind starting Rawktober off focusing on the lungs & large intestines is because of the sincerely felt unprocessed grief & sadness in the atmosphere.

The reckless, incessant pace of all that has hit in 2020 is not allowing anyone to fully process anything, and election season has made it worse.

Stress seems to metaphysically accumulate in the lungs & according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you’ve been waking between 3am & 5am don’t be alarmed. That period of time is when our bodies supposedly work on our lungs. Processing.

Which makes sense of the lungs being paired with the large intestines. Get what’s “in there” so you can release what you must. Supporting your immune system with ginger & garlic to get your digestive system in order is a great self-care first step.

The idea going forward is that one doesn’t hide from the grief, despair, anxiety, shame, sorrow and sadness.

& Margie over at has a great analogy about processing the heavier energies connected to metal in her lung qi gong videos.

She says to think of “releasing the (dank) energy to nourish the earth like composting.”

So it’s not that those emotions are garbage. They are there for sincere, straightforward reasons. But we are all energy…a composting metaphor just nails on the head how it’s best to work with whatever it is we’ve got.

Face it. Sit with it. Respect it …so you can fully release it.

But remember…

Nothing exists in a vacuum.

After all that releasing, be sure to bring in courage, dignity, integrity, righteousness, self esteem, refinement & the ability to let go.

Hope you are enjoying the rawktOber music & qi gong playlists.