GbMAG4…End on Envisionist imagery.

A deeper dive on the Liver, this past week’s qigong focus for RawktOber 2020.

The liver is synched to wood in the five elements scheme of things. & we have every reason to be as pissed off as we are after this week.

Which should make us very happy.

[It’ll make sense in a minute]

The hertz for work with the liver is 317.83hz.

“BE Angry…and sin not.”

That’s biblical. But it’s also plain common sense. When you repress your anger you can end up making yourself sick. When you express it you can end up finding a solution that would’ve never shown up had you kept it all inside.

Anger turned inward manifests as depression. Expressing how you truly feel- & finding out you’re not alone in what you’re feeling- is an early step towards True happiness.

Be happy you’re “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. ” It means you’ve found the on-ramp.

But remember…

Nothing exists in a vacuum.

After all that releasing of your anger, be sure to Stand firmly in your happiness & look for ways to visit true kindness on others.

Also, those Mimi Kuo Deemer liver qi gong moves danced with during Rawktober week two might feel really good for you.

And pay attention to how you Actually feel.

We’ve been so pissed all year as  people are showing who they are whether we’re ready or not.

This is about processing that anger so there’s space for happiness . Think wood, 5 element qi gong style. & take notes.

If you do this consciously you can really connect to your body and IT will tell you where to revisit on the other side of these intro cleanses.

The meridians for the liver start at the inner base of the nailbeds of each big toe and run up the insides of the legs through the groin & torso until ending slightly below your ribcage on both sides. Pressing that tender spot for 7 seconds and then massaging up will help you release anger.

Hope you are enjoying the rawktOber music & qi gong playlists.