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A deeper dive on the Spleen and Stomach, this past week’s qigong focus for RawktOber 2020.

The spleen & stomach are synched to earth in the five elements scheme of things. & yes, they want you to worry, to obsess over every little thing afoot in the current events cycle.

Because you are less likely to be sincere or show sympathy for others when they have you off balance with worry. Which makes you pseudo complicit & can lead to trapping you in guilt. The entire thing can be a racket sometimes.

The hertz for work with the stomach is 110 hz. The spleen uses 492 hz and 147hz, a mirror of solfeggio frequencies .

The stomach meridian starts at the bottom inner left edge of your 2nd toe. The next place to catch it is btwn your 2nd & 3rd toes & 5element wise it tops out about 4 finger widths below your kneecap. That one is the earth point & a big immunity booster.

The spleen points start at the outside edge of your toe then bracket the joint bone top and bottom, crawls right under ankle joint near your arch & finishes below your knee, 5 element-wise.


There are so many things you can worry about. But you also can change your focus.

Angel Brynner

No platitudes about worrying being praying in reverse.

If your worrying leads you to find an answer, hire it. USE it like a cloaked superpower.

But with a caveat. If you worry & Don’t find an answer…Fire that fucker. Then do whatever you need to do to regain your equilibrium.

Because answers are more likely to rise up when you’re in a balanced state so they can register…and you can actually ACT on them.

But remember…

Nothing exists in a vacuum.

After all that releasing of your worry, be sincerely sympathetic to those around you who haven’t found their balance yet. Because we’re all walking home.

Check out mimi kuo deemer’s stomach & spleen qi gongs.

Hope you are enjoying the rawktOber music & qi gong playlists.