GbMAG7…End on Envisionist imagery.

It’s 259pm, last day of school.

NOT 3pm, yall…

so~ Hold yer cans of whup ass. Heck, it is my sneaking suspicion that many of you are going to realize that the reality of Philadelphia- the birthplace of freedom, the only true Xanadu zone we’ve got left [Nevada], crazy-assed, actual militia top-heavy Arizona, Motherfucking Michigan and Georgia turning blue

[beyond the blue wave that has always quietly cut across the farming communities in it, Alabama and Mississippi keyed to ancient plankton deposits that underscored why they refused to leave the land of the south no matter how bad it got]

already smacked that bully onto his ass before you had to swing shit.

But what has been with me in the cloud of all else released as we’ve soldiered through this is that yes, we are going to make a lot of noise about Biden being saved by the Black Vote-

By Stacey motherfucking Abrams mobilizing Georgia. Say her name and give her those motherfucking flowers while she is Here!

But that is not the end of this.

The imagery I am being led to ask Each of you to END this on is this:

Look at those RED STATES too. Not as places to be feared. This Electoral College nonsense has us skewering the reality of this, but in Every State that they got to call as “Red,” MILLIONS OF PEOPLE VOTED against the sick kakistocracy that we’ve been battling through.

MILLIONS of people in those Red states said NO to Trump TOO. & they need to be shouted out.

The first true step to getting rid of the electoral system is US rallying around those who voted for Sanity & Justice EVERY FUCKING WHERE.

Angel Brynner

In TEXAS, which they called as a red state, for the first time in god knows how long, over FIVE MILLION PEOPLE VOTED DEMOCRAT.

5,860,560 people voted for Trump.

but in Texas 5,211,719 people voted for Biden.



775,000 PEOPLE WHO GAINED THEIR RIGHTS BACK TO VOTE WERE BLOCKED from VOTING DUE TO A POLLING TAX the corrupt Republican legislature passed at the last minute AND they Blocked Bloomberg from paying the taxes For the people.

And still…5,284,453 people voted for Biden.

if those 775,000 hadn’t been blocked it would not have been technically enough, but even without them…recognize how CLOSE this really was. That means there are 5.3 million people in Florida who were like “enough, already!” Even where Maralago is situated went BLUE.

THAT to me shows that it is not as bad out there as we’ve been primed by the media to believe.

If we were talk 30/60 splits? Fine.

…but 49/51 splits? That to me reads as people everyday EVERYWHERE wanting better than what we have afoot right now in this country. In every state.

& That is some fucking great imagery to end this on.

Because all this was trying to institute the shit believed when I was growing up that I fought against tooth & nail with relatives.

“oh- you can’t Go there~ it’s not safe for US-” That’s the dogma they have wanted to reload with this shit.

…but nah. Kindness is recognizing the fights people put up for justice, even when they were outnumbered.

Those people who voted for Biden in Texas are HEROES, heroes that stood up against the idiots we saw trying to run campaign buses off the roads at the ballot box, idiots they have to live next door to.

THAT is the true Happiness that we can celebrate across the board.

Give your family member deep in red states who voted for Biden their flowers too.

Because it had to be hard to stand up and do that, knowing what they were up against.

And I am not going to refer to it as living in “Trump Country.”


ALL OF US AMERICANS HAVE THE INALIENABLE RIGHT TO BE idiots. It’s an unspoken tenet of the American Way. But his right to claim that stupidity as HIS ended on November 3rd.

People in places full of hatred STILL voted for Joe Biden.

FOCUS LOUDLY on that as a foundational step towards what we all want, which is the popular vote to decide this.

There’s still shit to do.

They are not done trying it.

Three pariahs found ways to stay in and none of the numbers are making sense regarding them. Kentucky called its election at 2pm. The state with all the Breonna Taylor explosions and the corrupt DA. Susan Collins winning is as obscene as Lady G. And there are run-offs that will decide who controls the Senate.

And a country that the man who stole the election last time has left in a shambles is literally GRIEVING IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC…as he’s positioning to try to use the SCOTUS he just stacked to stay in power, a man who will be temper tantrum-ing and selling secrets trying to get out of 420 million in debt before he’s dragged from office and possibly to the Hague.

In the middle of a pandemic with upticking numbers as we roar towards the holidays.

Yes…the ASSHOLES are everywhere, along with their shit.

But so are the good. Facing off against them every f ureaking day.

Instead of being nervous about the Blue wave not being represented as largely as we hoped in the electoral college… let’s honor the fact that in the popular vote…people stood up in places they could’ve stood down or looked away.

We GOTTA see that.

& speak on it.