GbMAG11…BEGIN on Envisionist imagery….may the 2020 GlobalBoho HOLY Days commence~

As some of you have already picked up on…for the month of December we are going to do things a little bit differently.

ALL of the articles that come out in December will be a part of The Mag. Globalboho’s 11th issue.

There will still be weekly whathaveyous but they will be supplemented with all things HOLY Days throughout the month of December. Which means that there will be bursts of activity for feasts, traditions of all kinds coming your way too, so stay tuned!

But First!

We start with the bonfire!!

check out 🔥Virtual Fireplace™

Download/purchase: for video (Full HD) and audio only versions.

“Sometimes you discover a beautiful spot and this campfire turns magical because of it. I’ve never seen clouds that are as yellow and orange as the flames of my bonfire, but here they where! You can hear all kinds of soothing night sounds in this recording, like crickets and other insects, frogs singing, water splashing on the pebble beach and the occasional mysterious call of loons in the distance. Like so many times when I listen to my recordings to see if they are good enough to be published online, I fell asleep… 🙂 Whenever this happens (too often) I know it’s alright! So I think this one is again perfect to really create a outdoor like ambience or atmosphere inside your home or just use the audio to gentle ‘whisper’you to sleep! I hope it will calm your mind, lift your spirit and will make you sleep like a log! 🙂 This footage was shot in full HD 1080p 50fps and with high quality stereo sounds Feel free to contact us in anyway listed below 🙂 “

The GB intent here is simple.

Part of the reason the Globalboho sonic/sonar/sounds have played out as they have for this quarter was a sincere hope to assist sonically in processing the overload we’ve all soldiered through up to now, in the background via healing, soothing sound.

Energetically, there is going to be A LOT going on as 2020 wraps up, both individually and collectively. December is hard enough for many people. That was really the impetus for instituting Holy Days many years ago- to set up rituals that honored the journey taken no matter how one has had to walk it out. Everyone doesn’t have a family to tune into during this season but we all have the ability to look at our lives led over the past year and be grateful for even seeing another December. We all have the ability to make our own traditions that can heal us and celebrate those with joy. We are all Sacred. Period.

And this year?

There is so much Grief that people haven’t even been given the space and time to process. The hope is that, as you tune in over the next couple of weeks, something that you see or hear in here soothes and/or stills you, strengthens you so that, whenever you are asked to step in to strengthen someone else who may really be having a hard time this holiday season[ & in 2020 we are probably all going to be asked], your cup is full and you can pour grace into the palms of whomever it is God and the Universe sends your way.

Angel Brynner

Let the Holy Days begin!