Globalboho prescription: Chaga pt 2(the review).

This was staggered for a reason.

The first post was written on the far side of guinea pigging about 10 weeks ago.

This post?

Well, the reviews are in.

The intent was for you to see the scope at once.


Chillllllll, maaaaaaan!

There’s something to it.


It has been added to the adaptogenic brew and moved it back to its original evening libation position… with a separate stash in my case…in case.

You. WILL.Relax.

Crossing chaga and kava is not for the weak. Btw.

Unless you are very light-handed and really need to giggle yourself to sleep seeing the synapses of your brain in the dark outside your head, marveling at the connections in our universe before you fall the fuck out.

Be careful with it.

It is legal. & it helped me ease myself through some weird quasi-ptsd sadness after the insurrection.

The chaga company IS legit.