Globalboho prescription: Local Honey

When it comes to boosting your immunity it doesn’t get much better than raw Honey.

Honey is point blank a powerhouse. It is the best burn dressing on the planet, so good that hospital burn units don’t even bother with synthetic variants for the worst burns, they just use it.

When honey becomes diluted by body fluids and is less acid the glucose oxidase enzyme turns into hydrogen peroxide.

Which is a good thing.

Trust me.

But even deeper than that, raw honey is something that should be enjoyed regionally, especially if you have even the slightest issues with allergies. The bees local to where you are make their honey using that local pollen. Insert #imnotadoctor here because instead of that triggering someone who is allergic to the flowers around them to go into anaphylactic shock and die… it Somehow balances you out.

Over ten years on the road I’ve seen it work firsthand so many times (you’d be surprised how place-sensitive one can be gypsying around, even with no prior allergen issues) that not only do I track local honey wherever I go for my own arsenal, I’ve also gotten to witness the shock & awe of folks trying out my neogypsy tale & being relieved sans OTC medicine.

honeycomb close up detail honey bee
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When my immunity needs a serious boost my B52 bomber is something called a Garlick.

It’s a raw clove of garlic, bitten or rough chopped to vitamin sized bits in a spoonful of honey wherever I am.

The rough cut/bite is important…it lets the allicin naturally amplify in the garlic. & It does so in 7 minute cycles, making it more potent. So set it up, wander off and return to gulp it down.

It’s not an everyday thing once your levels are Up… but when you’re depleted garlicks will kick you back in gear.