[Globalboho Prescription] : Straight SUN,aka Pure Vitamin D💥☀️💥.

When the world went on Lockdown in March of 2020 the first thing I was intuitively led to do built upon the blunt directive to return to a solid qi Gong practice that came from above in February that I had obeyed.

“Braid up your hair and go get in the sun.”

I wasn’t the only one in the arts district of LA that had received those instructions. People were outside bare skinned as possible preparing for outrunning zombie marathons all that month.

The deeper I dug, the more precedent I discovered.

You probably rarely heard it in all the media fearmongering but Vitamin D is the best builder of immunity we have.

We can totally take it as a supplement, many milks, eggs and even orange juice are fortified with Vitamin D but if processing natural Vitamin D was like being a nuclear reactor, we’d all be plants because it’s built into the surface of these flesh suits we walk around in.

We’re LITERALLY Solar-powered.

Think of it like bioavailability juice. And the more melanin embedded in the surface of your skin the better and faster you get to reap the benefits of it. For some reason, melanin & vitamin D rocks well together like turmeric & pepper.


But get this, especially if you have a lot of hair the plaiting up of the hair exposes your scalp to the sun. Like let lines.

The supercharged effect was instantaneous. Not talking about superhero powers but instantly there was a noticeable shift in mood every time.

Even when I can’t get out and walk you can often find me like this:

This was a continuation of listening to that still, small voice. Making sure to At Least routinely get some sun on the nape of my neck, still exposing at least One of those aforementioned “ley lines” to the sun.

Well, I recently expanded my qi gonging to include great open classes with Mimi Kuo Deemer. Those of you who’ve been tapped in since before the MAG came to fruition know I’ve been pointing others towards her due to her rock solid way of making chi moving make sense even to newbies.

We’re currently doing a series where this point at the base of the neck – the C7 cervical bone- gets cycled through repeatedly.

When I do that sun-bathing, my body has often shifted so that spot is getting full blast warmth.

It turns out that point is called Da Zhui in mandarin… and it’s primary focus is, you guessed it : IMMUNITY.

Listening to the body leads you in the most serenely stratospheric spaces once you clean some of the gunk out that tends to grab the microphone.

It feels as important as moving around to make sure you’re circulating your lymph fluid so sickness can not sit anywhere unattended … but remember! I am not a doctor. I’m just a wild-hearted woman willing to listen to her body when it speaks. & So far, so good!

I find this works amazingly for me…But you don’t have to take my word for it!

Go get some sun on your neck and scalp and see how you feel.

Don’t go Josh Brolin yer balls or anything… unless that’s yer…thing lol…and if you are a ginger who burns without it baking to brown, or have legit skin cancer fears maybe find another way to Vitamin D³ up.

But if all you do is freckle up… maybe it’s time to accept those sunny freckles as proof of your skin suit trying to immunize your life~!

Maybe those sprinkled spots are your constellations coming up to the surface to remind you we’re all made of stardust?!