Globalboho sonic/sonar/sounds: Relaxing Instrumental Music–Jewish lullabies (Shevet Achim)

check out Shevet Achim Ensemble הרכב שבט אחים

These melodies have been sung over many generations. You’ll hear flute, violin, clarinet, and piano as well as some harp, cello, string bass and viola. Our five albums are available here for purchase (at a minimal price), which supports our continued recordings (thank you!): We (the musicians) are grateful to be from the Jerusalem area. ניגונים אלה לקוחים בתוך המוסיקה של הרכב שבט אחים. כל חמשת האלבומים של ההרכב עומדים להשמעה ומכירה במחיר מינימלי כאן