Globalboho sonic/sonar/sounds: Serotonin release (396 hz and 528 hz, 10 hz alpha binaural) Perfect 5th by Audible Alchemy

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“This soundscape combines the two solfeggio tones that make the perfect 5th, 396 hz (liberation of fear and guilt, healing sexual trauma and abuse) and 528 hz (frequency of DNA repair, love and miracles) and has a 10 hz binaural beat which is in the very center of the alpha brainwave spectrum (8-12 hz is alpha). 396 hz on the right ear and 406 hz on the left ear creates the 10 hz difference which oscillates between the left and right side. 10 hz has been found through EEG tests to cause the brain to release serotonin so this soundscape will facilitate mood elevation. I do not advise listening to this all the time given it’s ideal to let the body release this naturally far more often than not but facilitating that release is beneficial to do here and there. 10 hz brainwave is also said to be universally beneficial and resonates as a low octave of the solar plexus chakra. Disclaimer/precautions: Binaural beats are safe to listen to as long as you aren’t operating a motor vehicle, aren’t pregnant or under the age of 18 years old given the brain is still developing, aren’t prone to seizures and don’t have a pace maker.”