[#Globalbohoprescription]: FIRE/ Start where YOU are.

This… is a $5 candle from Target.

The smell soothes me.


Usually they are alot more intense.

The action of lighting something to remind me that my space is sacred is priceless.

Angel Brynner

It can be sticking a glade plug-in or bath & body works contraption into a socket just as easily as it can be a classic Diptyque Figuier or a sexy assortment of Boy Smells burning beside your bed.

Some dudes just light a cigar & let it burn for a bit to clear the air of whatever they walked through that day to get home.

Just… start.

Mark that moment down, the first time you do it after today. Capture it in some way. Just like it doesn’t have to be a $95 candle it also doesn’t have to be captured in a perfectly lit shot.

Find a way to remember you started fresh from “here,” wherever your Here happens to be when you’re ready to begin again.

The point is we all gotta start bringing some recognition of the sacred into our lives.

A conscious …pause.

You can’t keep on shitting in the sacristy of your life, expecting better things to grow outside of it when you haven’t even paused to consciously plant seeds there or anywhere else.

Learning to bracket off some time and space To process before you freak out about what may join you in that quiet is one of the first steps to true freedom.