[#Globalbohoprescription] : Loving.

It was rose quartz that made a believer out of me when it came to crystals.

An old medicine woman gave me a hunk of it almost as big as my head while I was basecamped in a tiny cabin on her organic farm.

I was in town preparing for an art show & she gave it to me with no explanation.

I felt better with it in my shack.

Had no idea why.

One day I got curious.

Down the jyoti rabbit hole I went.

She knew what the sacred land I was on was going to wring out of me during that exhibition.

What it wrung out of everybody drawn to Taos. As a gift.

The real medicine of that place is clarity. & understanding actual love is all around. Always.

Like Bjork says.

All is full of love…Sometimes, we just ain’t receiving.

Rose Quartz will help you put the phone back on the hook.