HAPPYNEWYEAR! Now let’s gooo~ GB Motherboard/The Mothership Project. DAY 1. “Mozart: Requiem in D Minor, K. 626”


There’s actually about 70 women from throughout the african diaspora that have once seriously or are now quietly making big moves in opera.

…Also about 5 native American operatic ladies, maaaybeee10 irish/gaelic, 8 middle eastern, almost 20 chinese, and about 12 more across the asian diaspora, plus a few wildcards who specialize in other styles of music but can get #operatic as fuck.

We’re going to be rockin out with these mavens across time all 2021…starting with the first of firsts for me when it comes to #blackoperadivas:

Leontyne Price.

…She was the first I’d ever seen as a kid.

The lovely Leontyne will be, by the grace of God, guiding us from the other side of the veil through the chambers of her sacred sonic sisters for the love of vibrations, maaaaan lol.

…If you wanna come along & get drenched in the lightning storms embedded in the heart-led souls of these glorious women exploding out into the stratosphere…

stay tuned to #Themag.globalboho.com
@themag.globalboho.com this year.

Going forward I will be posting pieces and playlists I suss out for your perusal.